Saturday, February 27, 2010

>Almost 3 weeks in...


Well folks, I have been a mother now for almost 3 weeks and let me tell you I am loving it. Before I get to what I love so much, here is what I don't love:

1) Recovering. It has been a royal bitch and I realize I spent 9 months baking this little man and that I am not going to be back to normal or anything like that for several months, but I am so ready for the pain, pressure, bleeding, cramping, headaches, upset tummy, etc to go away. I may not experience all of those symptoms in a given day, but I'm usually sporting at least two of them. Today? Cramps, bleeding, headache, and some pain. There's four for ya.

2) The hike up my three flights of stairs mainly due to #1.

3) When my dear husband tells me at 4am that he is "too tired" to feed Logan a bottle. That is all I am gonna say about that. We had it out and it's over with.

4) Logan's "zombie flesh" has not fallen off yet. I want him to enjoy his baths so much and the poor guy gets so cold!

5) Pumping: I love that I can do this so that we can store milk, but I really hate seeing my nips turn into torpedoes.

K now here is what I am loving:

1) Breast feeding. This is actually more of a love-hate relationship. I love nursing Logan and looking at him as he looks up at me and that we have a special bond but I hate the sore nips. Ouchies.

2) Morning snuggles: Logan is so alert in the mornings! He is starting to smile more and find his little voice. He can turn his head to our voices and it is adorable! He found his tongue the other day and keeps playing with it. SO CUTE!

3) Going out: I LOVE showing off this little creation. I am so proud to be Logan's mommy and I just want everyone to see and know it.

4) My husband. He is such a great daddy (minus the slip up above). He loves Logan so much and I can see that Logan loves him just as much. When Logan is awake, they talk and play together and nothing in the world is more important than the two of them in that moment.

5) Logan's cries at night. This might sound weird, but I love the reminder, even if every hour (like last night!), that my boy is still alive and kicking in his crib. He needs me and I need him.

Overall this motherhood business is THE business to be in. I knew it would be everything I could have hoped for and the only thing that would make it better is not having to go back to work in some odd weeks. I am not keeping count as it will depress me too much.

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