Wednesday, September 21, 2011

since I've been gone...

The month "break" is not up yet and honestly I miss writing so often! But taking a step back has been nice. I have a list waiting to dive into so many other things to talk about, which may be appearing over the next week or so. In bullit form, here is a quick update:

  • I will be seeing a gastroentinologist on October 4th. Hopefully I will get some much needed answers surrounding my stomach issues. Cutting the whey out has been very helpful, however it is clear that is not the only thing going on. I have gone days without eating anything with whey in it and still have terrible cramping. Eating sucks. I have a hard time enjoying anything right now for fear of it upsetting my stomach. But don't worry, I'm not NOT eating.

  • Logan has turned into our little parrot. He tries to repeat just about everything we say and does are darn good job. He does seem to have his own language which B and I are slowly learning to interpret.  He has such a deep voice. Cracks everyone up.

  • We're ready for this year to be over. It has been such a trying year for our family, mostly financially, but in other ways as well. We keep wondering when things will slow down but that seems to still be a mystery.

  • B and I had a date on Saturday night. We went to Boulder (home of the University of Colorado) the same day their football team beat out Colorado State University. The town was rather nuts, but we had a blast eating at a hole-in-the-wall bar/restaurant called The Sink which is a place my dad enjoyed when we was in school. Yes, it's been around THAT long. ;) We were in town to see Hanson play at The Fox. The show was great but almost better than Hanson (almost...) was Meiko, their opening act. She is like Michelle Branch in that she is a one woman show with her guitar and a beautiful voice with touching lyrics. I fell in love with her music halfway through her first song. Go check her out!

  • Work has been great for me. I'm keeping my eye out for opportunities in L&D to get some real hands on experience as a tech. The good thing: very low turn over. The bad thing: I may not get up there for a very long time...either way the wait is worth it.

  • Mulling over the flu vac for Logan. We have always been pro-vac and chose to do a delayed schedule for Logan which he is all caught up on by now. Flu season is heavily upon us and now one but two friends kids' have had bad reactions to the vac resulting in a fever so high it caused ferbrial seizures. Today is Logan's last day in daycare (more on this later) so his exposure will be decreased to any flu germs. Regardless, still not sure what we're going to do.

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