Monday, April 26, 2010


Well, well well....what have we been up to? Since my last depressing post of weening Logan, I have gotten down to just 3 nursing sessions a day, and if I miss one, I will pump. I can tell that my supply is going down and it makes me sad. I feel like I should be super pumping and nursing to get it back up, but I know that is not what's best for us. It is almost ironic how selfish I feel about breastfeeding, as if it was just as good a thing for me as it was for Logan. I know it was a great thing for me to a certain extent, but with all the infections and continued risk of infection even while weening, I cannot risk putting my health on the line.

Speaking of health, I have felt like crap this week. I feel like I am getting the flu, body aches, no appetite...but no fever. So I don't know what's going on. Saturday I was feeling better so Logan and I went to the outlet mall to shop. I had a gift card and needed to get some new work shirts. No more uniforms!! This is great news. Not only was wearing a uniform awful, but the uniform itself was horrible! On numerous occasions, people told me it was very Mrs. Doubtfire. People, I work with old people, I don't want to look like one! So I found some great tops and a few cover ups that will be very versatile. Shopping for new work outfits has helped me feel better about going back. I have something to look forward to and I will look good doing it.

This weekend was Logan's baptism. It was beautiful! Logan was awake for the start of church and fell asleep by the time we went up on stage. Our paster for so gentle and sweet. He even brought up our lightening bolt picture from our wedding!

After the ceremony we headed to my parents house for a party, food, and drinks. Logan was loved on and it was perfect! I had made a slideshow of the last two months and cued it up with some great music and made the grandmas cry! It was beautiful.

I will be entering Logan in the Parents Magazine 2010 cover contest in a few weeks and I think this pic is a good one to submit, no?

And this one...look that sweet smile!

So it is no surprise that we have fox where we live. We are still in the middle of town, but sometimes there are more of them than the rabbits they eat! Well, I took this photo yesterday out our window. The dumb-ass mom on the first floor keeps throwing FOOD off her balcony for the birds and this time it was a STEAK!! Lady, we have dogs! Tulo was freaking out over the fox. He just stood there and ate his steak. B told me that this mom on the first floor said she would not be throwing anymore food out there. Well too late lady! The fox and his lady friend were back this morning when B took the dogs out. Look what she started! AHH!

And here is a sad face post-tummy time. Logan HATES tummy time. He won't even lay on my chest on his tummy. Can't stand it. Silly boy.

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  1. >that sad face is killing me! finn doesn't much love tummy time, either :(


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