Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Just a little update on life with some great prompts from my favorite blog hop:

missing, reading, drinking, eating, planning

I am missing sleep. Oh, is that too obvious? Well then what I'm really missing is life before kids. This is not to say or suggest that I wish things were different because I don't. I absolutely LOVE being mother. It is and was the very first true calling I've ever had and my heart is so full because of it. What I mean is...I miss how care-free things were. People would tell me how things change with kids and I was always like, "Well yeah, but..." and I'd give some naive response as to how I was going to try to still go out dancing once a week or have a girls night at home. HA! That's just funny now.

I miss reading. Just in general. Reading something that is not for school or a how-to guide. I just started reading a book that I think may be a little life-changing. Anyone read Unplanned?? Wow....I just have no words for it right now.

I am drinking water with a side of wine every now and then. I am so glad I can enjoy a glass at night after a rough day. Tonight is one of those nights.

I am eating up my baby girl! She is just so irresistible. Every ounce of her is just growing and filling out perfectly. I have not weighed her in awhile but I'd say she is up to almost 14 pounds.

And lastly, I am planning our trip for next week. We are heading to Michigan to see family. It will be Logan's 3rd flight and Evie's first. The only thing I am worried about is traveling around a holiday. I already get anxious about travel and flying. Toss in a million more people and I should really just be sedated.

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